2 Best Healthy Habits For Your Sixties

Staying healthy has a pretty common refrain throughout your life: eat right, exercise, and don’t smoke. However, by the time you turn sixty and start thinking about retirement, there are very slight shifts to how you should be keeping healthy that are important to note. 

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Here are some of the core habits you should work on cultivating in your sixties:

Get Active

Physical activity has a slew of benefits, which can include physical and mental well-being. As you go through your sixties, you must maintain your physical activity level to help manage conditions that often occur in people who are sixty or older.

Generally speaking, it’s ideal to have a mix of cardiovascular training – like walking, jogging, or dancing – and strength training – like lifting weights or doing push-ups – for about thirty minutes a day each week. 

Change Your Diet

It’s always a good idea to get a mix of healthy fats and fiber and reduce the number of sweets you eat at any age, but these become even more important as you age.

By eating 20-30 grams of fiber per day, for example, you’re better able to reduce the risk of things like cancer, which disproportionately impact older adults. Additionally, making sure you get enough healthy fats, like you would from eating fish and nuts, will help protect your heart from risks like hypertension, heart attacks, and more.