Christmas Ornaments

I decided that I wanted to do something new with our tree this year. I have a limited budget for things like this since we are still keeping Huggies in business. :O) So i went to hobby lobby and walked around…and around until I finally decided what I was going to make. You can personalize this and make it your own! My old piano books are still packed away somewhere, so I purchased some “antique” music paper in the paper section. The paper I used in the tutorial has black notes and the paper in the “final product” has red notes. You could use music, scrapbook paper, an old book, newspaper….whatever is cheap and on hand! Total cost for 24 ornaments was only $13.00. I purchased all the supplies at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Here is a quick “tutorial”.
Here is what you will need: Your paper, Glitter spray paint and plain glass ornaments.
Shred your paper! I shredded into small strips and then tore the strip in half. Roll up the strip and put it in your ornament. After I filled the ornament up I “shook” it to loosen the rolls up a little bit.

I used the carton to hold the ornaments while I was spray painting them. Spray one side. dry. spray the other side.

I am getting excited! They are almost finished and extra sparkly in the sunshine.
Put the topper back on and leave them plain or add a ribbon! Hang them on your tree, or reluctantly shove them back in the box until November 25th. :O)

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