Handmade Christmas…

WOW…Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow. Where did November go?!? For us…it was 5 weeks of CRAZY! TWO waves of stomach flu, Lily’s hospital stay, twins getting molars, Brooke had a uti, 30+ loads (i’m not kidding) of laundry. WHEW! Thankfully we are all alive and on the mend (i hope!). We got a lot of snuggle time in and are looking forward to all the fun that Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring.
I have been busy the last couple days making Christmas ornaments and decorations. We are on a tight budget, but I really wanted some new decorations for our first Christmas in our new home! Here are a few of the things I have been working on…
Wreath – Total Cost $12
I used some of the leftover moss to make a few more letters
These are my favorite!
Total Cost for 36 ornaments – Less than $20!
I wanted a pillow for our couch. Just stuffed this target placemat and sewed it back together. Total Cost – $5.50 Wish I could buy these placemats for my dining room…it’s like a shiny burlap and so pretty!

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