End of Summer in Photos…

We went to the Zoo with our friends Amber, Will & Jackson.  It was a BEAUTIFUL morning and we had a blast!
Cotton Candy Clouds
We finally made it to the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville.  We had an amazing time going to dinner and riding the rides with The Cherry family!
Can you tell we are getting everything in OUTSIDE while the weather is so amazing?  It is unusually “cool” outside for August in Oklahoma.  We went to a driller game this week with the Balloqui’s!
Brooke’s first night of Awana’s!  She has been talking about Cubbies ALL summer – she loves it!

This was the view coming up to the house after my morning run.  Isn’t the sunrise amazing???  Oklahoma sure does have the prettiest skies…
My two sick sweethearts…they either needed to be in my arms, or on the counter helping me cook to be content.  I love these sweet sisters!!!

Another “music video” for you!  


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