a whirlwind weekend


For my birthday this year, I was given the gift of a plane ticket to South Carolina to visit Sarah for the weekend!  It was something I was really looking forward to!  The week before I left, Brooke came down with bronchitis and Lauren came down with a stomach virus.  We went back and forth about me going, I tried to change the flight schedule (too costly), and we decided that I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity.  Here’s a collage of my very short trip…

1 // Best Friends.  There is nothing like it.  Sarah has been there for me through a LOT.  She is such a huge example to me as a Godly mother wife and friend.  I’m so thankful that even though we only get to see each other for a few days every few years, it’s like we are never apart!  I enjoyed the short time I got to spend with her and her sweet family.

2 //  Good Food.  Sarah picked me up from the airport, and we headed straight to Zaxby’s for lunch.  Always good times.

3 // Sweet Girl.  I got to spend a little time outside with this beauty on a gorgeous Greenville morning.  She was calling all the ants to come play.

4,5 // Cookie Kiln.  My friend Nora makes the most amazing, yummy and beautiful cookies.  She is expecting her first baby, and I loved seeing her even if for a few minutes.  I placed an order to bring home to the girls, and I couldn’t have imagined them being any cuter!  They LOVED them!

6,7 // “Old” Friends.  I sent a few things to Lauren to personalize for Beckham…back before the twins were born she embroidered some beautiful clothing/blankets for them.  I loved meeting up with her before catching my plane – such a sweet, beautiful and inspiring mom and wife.  I got to bring home all the special little things for Beckham too and I can’t wait to see him in those tiny clothes.  If you live in the Greenville area, check out Cardinal Embroidery!

8 // Traveling Buddy.  I woke up Saturday morning with a few symptoms that were quite alarming.  I called the doctor and they asked that I head to labor and delivery to make sure everything was ok.  I could feel Beckham kicking away, and we decided it was best to come home early and get checked out at our hospital.  It was so reassuring to feel him kicking the entire trip home.

9 // L & D.  Hopefully my last trip to Labor & Delivery before November.  I stepped off the plane at 5, saw Landon, cried and he took me straight to the hospital.  They did a complete work-up on Beckham and I.  He is doing GREAT – we got to see a full ultrasound of him, and he is growing ahead of schedule!  Amniotic fluid and placenta looked great.  I have a UTI which caused the bleeding and pain, and PUPPS rash which appeared suddenly the same morning.  Both very uncomfortable, but I can deal with them knowing that my sweet boy is healthy!!!

I’m so thankful that God is in control of every situation.  He provided a very quick and inexpensive way home through a family friend, and my girls were in good hands with Poppy and GiGi.  Even though the hours were few, I still had a wonderful time on my trip!


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