A session with Lauren Grace & a few photography “tips”


I’ve had a lot of questions on what camera I use, editing program, etc, so I thought I would post some answers along with these photos I took of Lauren a few nights ago.   These are some of my favorite photos of her…she is a natural beauty!


Camera // Canon T3
Lens that I use most of the time // 55mm
Editing Program // Lightroom


My goal in improving my photography is not to become a professional photographer, but to capture our family in photos.  My biggest “tip” in taking photos of the girls is to have fun!  When I first got my camera (last November), I would get stressed out when the girls wouldn’t cooperate.  What’s so nice about having my own camera, is that I can just take photos whenever the opportunity arises.  Our “sessions” are never longer than about ten minutes. I let the girls do their thing, and I Just shoot around them.  It’s so fun to capture their personalities this way!  They LOVE taking photos now, and I think it’s mostly because it is fun for them….and sometimes I have a special piece of candy to reward them with.


The only photography class I have been able to take is a beginner’s class with my favorite photographer Stephany.  I only had a point and shoot at that time, but it was so helpful to learn the basics.  I still pull my notes out and study them.  I would love to take her advanced class one day!

Here are a few helpful websites I have referred to:

Kevin & Amanda // I love their blog for recipes and photography.  They have a great article on understanding your DSLR.  You can also click on any of their pictures and see the camera/settings they used for each one.  Super helpful!

Censational Girl // She has a lot of great blog posts on photography tips, shooting in manual, and much more!

Pinterest and YouTube are also great sources!

before and after in lightroom
before and after in lightroom

For Editing I use Lightroom (click on the link to download a free trial!).  It’s very user friendly and easy to use.  I really only know how to do the basic fixes right now, but hope to have time to learn more in the future.  It’s a great tool!  I have only purchased a few presets, but I have downloaded several free presets that I use often.  It’s amazing how a few quick fixes can transform a photo!


I hope that answers a few questions!  My goal is always to improve, and I really need to work on taking my camera out and snapping more photos.  Our T3 is a great basic camera, and I am SO thankful for the beautiful photos I’ve been able to take with it so far!


4 thoughts on “A session with Lauren Grace & a few photography “tips”

  1. Beautiful photos, Tammy!!!!! Love that with photography there is always something new around the next bend and plenty of resources to keep growing. Keep up the great job!!!

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