HE will provide

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God has been teaching our family a lot about His provision these last six months.   I think I have mentioned it before, but Landon has been pursuing another job opportunity which requires over a year of training/schooling.  He is still keeping his current job as well, so he works very long hours into the night.  Lots of hours and hard work but not a lot of pay.  The decision to pursue this opportunity was made around the time we found out we were expecting number 4.  We prayed for weeks really feeling that God was opening the door.  I struggled a LOT at the beginning with fear.  Fear that we would not make it, especially after Beckham arrived.  We have seen God provide everything we have needed throughout this time, even if we have not asked!  BIG and LITTLE.

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I love this quote by Elisabeth Elliot.  He has also been teaching us that there are so many “extra” things that we think we may want, but don’t necessarily need.  We have been trying to purge as much as possible over the last few months, and just get down to the basics.

Here’s a little example on how God provided for us this weekend in many small ways! I’ve been a little quiet on here the last week, but have been blowing up my instagram feed.  That’s because I’ve been in bed since Friday night (with the exception of Landon’s soccer game).  I neglected visiting the dentist….for FOUR years, although during that time I visited once to get my permanent retainer replaced. The last time I went for a cleaning was when I was pregnant with the twins….it’s amazing how fast four years can go by.   I have had tooth pain for about six months now, but everything else was made a priority.  I haven’t had a cavity since high school….I’ll be fine right?!?  WRONG. My tooth basically told me it was time to go.

I was up all Friday night with some major pain, so Saturday morning I looked up every dentist in town.  I found one about 20 minutes away that was open on Saturday.  I drove all the way there, but they couldn’t get consent from my OB, and sent me away.  I made an appointment for Monday morning….I felt like Monday would never come.  When I got to the dentist, they did minimal xrays on that tooth.  It was in such bad condition and very infected that the dentist couldn’t believe I was able to endure it for that long.  It was also so bad, he referred me to an endodontist and said it may be a while before they could get me in.

I came home worried about the cost of all the procedures, Landon missing work, my pain level, etc.  I was pretty angry with myself for letting it get this bad.  We ate lunch and Landon went to work.  As the girls napped, I prayed.  I felt an overwhelming peace that God would take care of us, just like He always has.

Here’s what he showed me THAT AFTERNOON.
*The specialist called before dinner and said they had an opening Tuesday morning.
*Landon had some vacation days stored up he could use instead of taking unpaid time off.
*He provided the exact amount of the bill for the root canal through a gift, which came literally ten minutes after they quoted me over the phone.

Here’s what he provided yesterday.
*The way my jaw locks, the dentist had a really hard time getting back to the tooth to clamp the tooth.  After much trying and prying, he mentioned extraction.  Yikes.  I closed my eyes, prayed and after a few more minutes, he got it on.   Sure my jaw is throbbing, but NO extraction.
*My 32 week ultrasound was scheduled for the morning, so I was so relieved to be able to see Beckham after my body had been through a lot of stress.
*An AMAZING husband.  For four days, he got the girls ready, got them to school, fed them and even got Brooke ready for picture day.  I’m so thankful for him…he works SO hard to provide for our family, but also cares about our basic needs.  Which is a lot…since we are all female. 🙂
*Some dear friends brought a warm dinner for our family, and a supply of soup as well!  SO blessed.

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This is a small example of how God has provided for us over the last four days.  I am overwhelmed with how amazing He is, and how blessed we are.  I am a worrier.  But I am learning to stop, pray, and ask God to work in a situation.  He always does for HIS good and HIS glory.  It’s not always how I think it “should” be…but that is because He knows what is best!

 “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:19


3 thoughts on “HE will provide

  1. We also saw God provide the last couple days as my husband had an angioplasty and stent placed (even though recovery didn’t go as planned)! God is good! All the time! 🙂 So thankful He took care of you and your family during this time! (I also have neglected the dentist for quite a long time. :/ )

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