Baby Bump Update // Beckham’s Nursery

photo 1

Well…i never got to completely finishing his nursery (little touches)…or taking awesome photos of his room…but Beckham has everything he needs to be comfortable, and I’m in love with his sweet little nursery!  I thought I would share his room with you!!!

Beckham 1

Bedding & Changing Pad // The Crib Sheet and Changing Pad were purchased “a la carte” from the shop Carousel Designs. They have some great designs!  You can also purchase fabric by the yard to match, so I purchased the taupe/white chevron fabric to make my own crib skirt.  If you sign up for their newsletter, they do promotional sales quite often!

Window Treatment // A branch and a piece of fabric.  Total cost was $12 for the fabric.  It’s one of my favorite parts of his room!  I love the little owl perched on the branch too!

Dresser // Craigslist.  Painted with Annie Sloan’s Pure White, and dark waxed.  It was missing two drawers, but I found some plastic baskets at Target and used this spray paint specially made for plastic to paint them brown.  Finding the right size baskets was a HEADACHE, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

Hello Sign // I did purchase this cute little sign from this etsy shop.  I love it!

Shelving // Crates found at an antique store.  I still need to find a few things to put on them, but they filled the space and were MUCH cheaper than traditional shelving.

beckham 2

Sleepy Owl // Cloud B  purchased at Buy Buy Baby

Boppy Cover // Made by my friend Jill at Sew Creative Designs.  She did an amazing job and has the cutest items in her etsy shop!

Wood Slice // purchased from this etsy shop and used a chalk marker to draw the quote

Toy Basket // I really had my eye on this toy basket from Target for a long time.   It never went on clearance, so I ended up finding a similar basket at Hobby Lobby for about $12, Landon drilled holes in one of my mini chalkboards and I tied it on with some twine.  Perfect.

Coat Hanger // Piece of Wood + Stain + Hooks from Lowe’s.  I wanted something simple to hang his diaper bag and little coats from.  The green sweater was Lily’s when she was a little baby….I can’t wait to see Beckham wear it!
PicMonkey CollageI can’t believe we are three weeks away from our C-Section date…we are so close to meeting this little guy!  This week has been especially rough for me…I have had a lot of trouble keeping food/fluids down. I’ve had contractions off/on for the last couple days as well, but nothing consistent. I woke up this morning very early and couldn’t get any response from Beckham.  He is usually VERY active, so for about four hours I tried eating candy, drinking juice, and lying on my side to get him to move.  Nothing. Doctor sent me to L & D where they did a non-stress test.  Of course, as soon as they put the monitors on him he was trying to kick them off.  I was so relieved to hear his heartbeat…it wasn’t a waste of time at all!  I got a whole hour to just lay there and listen to his heartbeat.  The monitor did pick up some contractions, but nothing regular. Hoping this little guy stays put for just a few more weeks to grow!  I can just tell he is going to be a little trouble maker.  🙂  Hopefully that’s the last time we will see the hospital before it’s time for him to make his debut!!!


11 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update // Beckham’s Nursery

    1. Thank you Amanda! The B is actually a piece of wood from Lowe’s that I traced on, and my father in law cut in his wood shop. I used a walnut stain on it. It’s 22″. Hobby Lobby carries these large letters too! 🙂

  1. Loving this sweet nursery!!! Where did you get the cloud bunting?? Looking for something similar! So cozy

  2. Did you paint the bed white or was it already that way? If so what brand and color of white did you use? I have a crib that looks similar that I am wanting to paint. Any tips?

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