Baby Bump Update – 37 Weeks

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.59.28 AM
This month we will meet our sweet Beckham.  It seems like it has been forever since we found out we were expecting on April 1st, but this last month has really gone by quickly.  It’s the perfect time of year to welcome such a blessing.  I can’t wait to meet him and spend this special time of year together as a family of six!

How far along –  37 weeks

37 weeks
37 weeks

Baby Beckham – 6.3 pounds, 19.25 inches

Stretch marks – Yep.  Still there.

Memory Loss – Most definitely the worst in this pregnancy.  Like yesterday, I “forgot” i have a massive belly and literally ran into Sam’s while pushing a shopping cart full of kids.  My body quickly reminded me when I stopped at the door and literally felt one of my muscles pull.  lol.  If only I had a video of my crazy moments.

Favorite moment this week – Sunday night we hosted small group at our home.  Before everyone left, they announced that they had left something at front of our home for baby Beckham.  They had showered us with diapers and wipes!  It was such an encouragement to our family.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.59.35 AM

Movement – Hasn’t slowed down one bit.  It’s starting to get pretty uncomfortable as I feel him underneath my ribs, but I am trying to soak in these last couple weeks of pregnancy. It will be the last time I will feel a little life inside me, so I want to enjoy them as much as possible.

Food cravings – Thanksgiving Food.  Since Beckham will only be five days old on Thanksgiving, we will be enjoying a warm, cozy day inside.  I kept telling myself that Landon could just run out and grab some food.  Then as I thought about it more, I decided to start making and freezing our thanksgiving meal.  I just can’t go without sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving.

Maternity Clothes– I’m at the point where I am tired of all my maternity clothes.  I only bought a few things, so I’ve been wearing lots of yoga pants and leggings to avoid the maternity wear.

Have you started to show yet – Yep

Gender– Still a boy.

Belly Button in or out-  Crazy. It’s starting to become a distraction….I catch people staring at it often, and my kids keep trying to “push” it back in.

Sister Sayings
I seriously am still amazed at the love these girls have for their baby brother.  The girls are constantly kissing him, putting their hands on my stomach and including him in every conversation.  It’s so sweet the love and excitement they have for someone they have never seen.  It melts my heart….I’m going to miss those little hands on my belly so much.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.59.13 AM

COME OUT BECKHAM!” – Lily yells as she is headed to bed.

Here Beckham, you need to eat.” – Lauren as she holds a cereal box up to my stomach “feeding” Beckham as we walk through Wal-Mart.  People are cracking up as they watch.

Mommy, your belly just hasn’t gotten very big yet – it’s still cute.” -Brooke (she knows how to make a mama feel good)

I don’t want to hold Beckham, I just want to look and kiss.  I too little to hold him” – Lily

I can’t wait until Christmas, when we can give Beckham presents and take lots of pictures.” – Brooke


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