Baby Bump Update – 39 Weeks

Well, we made it to 39 weeks!!!  This is the farthest (and most uncomfortable) I have been in my history of pregnancies!  Brooke was born at 38.5, and the twins were born at 36.5 weeks.  I’m so thankful that he is still baking, and that I can enjoy his movements the next couple days…his little cheeks will be nice and chubby when I kiss them on FRIDAY!!!!

photo credit // Sara Eaton Photography
photo credit // Sara Eaton Photography

Baby Beckham – Approximately 7.25 lb and 20 inches

Stretch marks – Yeppers.

Memory Loss – Horrible.  I have to use icloud to “call” my phone at least once a day.  I also was prescribed a sleeping aid to help my insomnia.  Medicine has strange effects on me, so I have only been taking half a pill to get some rest this week.  I really should take it while I am lying in bed, but last night I took it and then decided to pluck my eyebrows.  Because I have really bad eyesight (and the effects of the medicine), I leaned up to get a closer look and BAM.  Don’t tell Landon.

Favorite moment this week – Sunday was our six year anniversary….my favorite moment was waking up on Sunday realizing I was going to have a baby with my best friend THIS WEEK!!!  We have been anticipating this moment for so long!

Movement – Still crazy (which I am trying to savor these last few days)…when I talk to him and ask him questions, he always responds the most when I ask him if he looks like Brooke.  I wish I had it on video, but then again, no one wants to see my bare belly.

Favorite Comment – “Girl, you have got the pregnant waddle BIG time.”  I really do…I’m having some severe back pain, and i’m not embarrassed one bit about my waddle 🙂
“You look like you are ready to POP!”  I’m sure I do…but it’s nothing compared to those last few weeks with the twins!

Not so Favorite Comments“Oh it’s just your fourth kid, it doesn’t matter.”  I have gotten this one a lot…referring to things that are important to me…not my favorite thing for people to say.
“You do know how babies are made, right?”  Not. Funny.

Food cravings – Not much.  I haven’t had much of an appetite this week…I think it’s the lack of room in my belly right now.  I am down to eating about 12 small snacks a day.  

Maternity Clothes– I of course still have to wear maternity pants, but I’ve given up on my two shirts. I got bored.  So I’ve been wearing fleeces and t-shirts that are almost too short.

Have you started to show yet – Beckham definitely sticks “out” more than the girls did.  People always tell me I don’t look that far along while talking to me…then I turn to the side, and they say “Oh…..I see it now!“.  LOVE IT!

Gender– Still a boy – I hope so because if not, she will be wearing the cutest boy clothes I have ever seen.  🙂

Belly Button in or out-  Oh boy, I don’t know if it will ever return to normal.  

Sister Sayings
“Beckham, COME OUT NOW!  Please, come out!!”  -repeated/sung throughout Target by Lily
“Beckham is trying to come out of there.” -Lily as she points to my bellybutton (she is really excited)

(me) Why are you sitting on your baby?
“Because that’s how Beckham is going to come out” – Lauren.  WHO TOLD HER THAT?!?

“Does your bellybutton hurt – it looks like a boo-boo.  Yikes. ” -Brooke


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