Beckham Andrew

Beckham Andrew
photography by John Barnett Photography

We met our sweet son Beckham Andrew Friday, November 22nd at 7:37 a.m.  He is perfect.  We are in love.  I am smitten.

We arrived to the hospital at 5:45 a.m. on a very cold Oklahoma morning.  I slept maybe an hour over the course of the night…I was pretty anxious about the surgery.  Before they took me back, our Doctor came in and prayed with us. I felt God’s comfort immediately.  I went into the surgery room at 7 a.m. and my sweet Doctor held me while I got my spinal, and made sure I was as comfortable and warm as possible.  Landon came into the room around 7:30, and I was so relieved to have my best friend by my side.  He held my hand, wiped my tears, and at 7:37 Beckham was born.  When then lifted him above the curtain, my heart melted.  All the long months, all the hard days, all the times I felt like I was physically at the end of myself…every minute was worth it when I saw his sweet face.  He was 7 pounds 7 ounces, and 20 inches long!  He looks just like big sister Brooke!

Beckham's Delivery
We are so thankful to God for such a beautiful blessing!  He has blessed us with four beautiful children.  Our lives are not easy, but He is teaching us so much throughout our journey as parents.  I’m thankful for the prayers and support from family, friends and our church family throughout the last couple months as well!  I have been so overwhelmed by the love and encouragement that has been poured upon our family.  I had so many texts/calls/emails/posts with verses, prayers, encouragement and congratulations last week.  My heart is so full, and I am so thankful!

Big Sisters

Our time in the hospital was so sweet.  It was such a different experience after having the twins…we had to share holding Beckham.  The hardest part for us was being away from the girls.  My parents were amazing and brought them up to the hospital twice a day to see us.   They are in love with their little brother just like I knew they would be.  It’s so good to be back home together as a family!  Recovery is going a little harder than my first section with the girls.  I am trying to take it as easy as possible, and let people help and do things for me.

Our first night home was kind of a disaster…but it was something to laugh about and most definitely something I will write about soon!! 🙂


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