Up All Night // Beckham’s First Check-Up

Our first night home with baby #4.  I think Landon and I both felt like “first time” parents.  It was definitely a very hilarious night and I thought I was going to “bust a stitch” laughing at ourselves.  I get pretty loopy on narcotics, so I stuck with tylenol/ibuprofin for my recovery process after surgery.  I don’t know if it would have made a difference now that I think about it, because I have pretty much lost my mind. 🙂 Just a few funnies from the first night…

Sponge Bath // We decided Beckham needed a sponge bath.  We get him all settled into the baby bath, and Landon asks for a baby washcloth.  What?!?  You need those for babies….pretty sure I didn’t buy any of those this time around.  We used wipes since that was the softest towel we had on hand.  Then he asked for a baby towel.  Oh…yeah…I’m not sure where one is right now, and if I find one it is going to be pink.  Sorry Beckham.

Not so silent night // We were both so exhausted and ready to head into bed.  Beckham has been eating on a 2 1/2 – 3 hour schedule pretty regularly.   So that night, he decided to wake up every 30 minutes.  Like he was starvin’ marvin’.  Where’s the newborn nursery?!? I fell asleep sitting up in bed with all the lights on.  I woke up to Landon standing at the end of the bed and he said in all seriousness….”We have a newborn. What are we going to do?” Then we busted out hysterically laughing.  How easily you forget about those first few weeks (thanks to sleep deprivation).  We “woke up” in a huge fog.  At least we were laughing instead of crying.  🙂  How can you do anything but smile at that sweet, sleepy face?

sleepy Beckham
This morning was Beckham’s first Doctor’s Appointment.  I also forgot how crazy it was getting feedings timed just right in order to be somewhere on time.  It was also 18 degrees outside when we were getting ready.  I threw on some leggings and a new shirt which I “thought” was long enough, if you know what I mean.  It was borderline. I frantically searched through drawers filled with maternity pants.  Not going to happen.  I was probably that person people write about on “what not to wear blogs”.  ha ha ha.

I was so proud of myself for remembering my diaper bag.  I just knew Beckham would poop when we got there.  Right before the doctor came in, he had a major stinky diaper.  I grabbed my wipes case and diaper…opened the wipes case and I hadn’t filled it!  lol.  I had to go and ask Katie (the nurse, thankfully a friend from church!) for wipes, and some vaseline/gauze for a diaper change.  Yep.  Several funnies were brought up while we were talking with his Doctor. I was bringing up the whooping cough vaccine, when he thought I was talking about a Whoopee cushion.  Landon’s response…”yes she has a whoopee cushion in her bag, but no baby wipes”. Who knew going for a check up could be so much fun. I’m currently planted on the couch trying to recover from all the giggling.

First Dr. Apt
Everything looked great at his check up.  We love his Doctor and his staff!  We have been blessed with such great people in every area of our lives!  I’m thankful for all those that invest in our children’s lives!

We’ve got some great memories…if I don’t blog about them, I will forget them (like everything else)!  🙂


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