After the baby bump // 2 weeks with Beckham


When we were decorating Beckham’s nursery, I would sit and imagine what he would look like. Would he look like Brooke, or Lily & Lauren?  Now his nursery is complete with the most perfect and adorable little boy.  He is such a sweetheart, and SO cuddly.  We are so thankful for our sweet little man!

These first couple weeks have been a little harder than I imagined…I was pretty confident and laid back with this last pregnancy.  I mean I had TWINS right?!?  One baby should be a piece of cake.  lol.  It’s amazing how much you “forget” in three years, and Landon and I are always laughing at how we feel like this is our first baby!

Recovery from a C-Section with three little ones…whew…maybe I should have just taken the narcotics….

It now takes a whole day for me to wash, dry and fold one load of laundry….

It also takes me a whole day to take a shower and put on eyeliner…it’s amazing how many interruptions one can have while getting ready…

I started this blog post last Thursday….

I don’t have time to make proper meals for myself during the day and may/may not have eaten brownies, puppy chow and reese’s cookies for breakfast and lunch one day….healthy I know…

The meal choices above may be the reason why I have to wear my pants unbuttoned and fastened with a hair elastic…

…and its OK!  I know that this is just a season, everyone will adjust, and things will get back to a new “normal”!


It’s all worth it when I look at my three sweet children.  Besides some minor nursing/weight/tummy issues Beckham is a healthy baby.  I’ve got four sweet and beautiful children to fill my days with joy!  It might be hard sometimes, but the reward is so sweet!  Beckham has three very sweet sisters that are completely in love with him.  I have a husband that loves me, and stays strong and patient through the hard times.  We have been blessed with a wonderful support system – the prayers from family/friends all over the country, the texts/emails of encouragement, help with the girls, the amazing meals we have been receiving (even through the snow storm!), and the many offers of help.  I hope that I can be an encouragement to other moms in the same way….I can’t tell you how much all the help has blessed our family!  God has been so good to us!!!

beautiful photo by Sara Eaton Photography


16 thoughts on “After the baby bump // 2 weeks with Beckham

    1. Nicole, I love that name! The B is actually a piece of wood from Lowe’s that my father in law cut with a “B” in his wood shop. I used a walnut stain on it. Hobby Lobby carries these large letters too! 🙂

  1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog while I was researching boys nursery. My husband and I are expecting our first child in May. I’m looking for all the advice and help I can find:)

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