After the baby bump // 3 weeks with Beckham

I’d like to say we are back to “normal”, but we are still trying to figure out what our new normal is.  I CAN say that I have been getting through each day a little easier.  I have a hard time finding time to even sit down (unless i’m nursing), but that’s life with four kids under the age of five, I guess!  The biggest challenge of each day is waking up the three littlest ones to load them up in the car and take Brooke to school.  Christmas break starts Friday, so I will get a little break from all the loading/unloading for a couple weeks! I love blogging about all these memories, so I can look back later and smile as I read what these little years have been like for our family.

Week 3

My meals have consisted of pretzels, ham, animal crackers, chocolate chips, raisins and apples.  Again….not the healthiest of options.  It’s taking some major willpower not to make a batch of puppy chow.

Last Thursday night I attempted to make my first “real” dinner in the kitchen.  I went big.  Spiral honey ham, sweet potatoes, green beans and rolls.  Unfortunately, with all the chaos going on, I burnt 3/4 of the meal.  Tears. Were. Shed. Thankfully the spiral ham was spared, because we have been eating that all weekend!  Did I mention how thankful I am for all the meals our friends brought over those first couple weeks???  I’m resorting to crock-pot/freezer meals this week.  🙂

My personal goal each day is to take a shower.  I might smell like Old Spice body wash because I keep forgetting to get to buy my own, but hey….I’m clean.

I still have to fight falling asleep in those middle of the night feedings.  Last night, Beckham spit up all over my shirt, and I was too tired to change, so I crawled back into bed….because I thought doing two loads of laundry would be easier when I woke up (?!??!?).  I’m embarrassed.

I have made it to the store with Lily, Lauren and Beckham two times in the last week.  One time I lost my keys in the store when they fell out of the bottom of the shopping cart.  This morning I forgot my wallet…and didn’t realize it until after I scanned all my items in the self checkout.  Thankfully, I haven’t forgotten any of my children yet.

Have I mentioned that life is a little crazy right now?  There isn’t a lot of time for myself…Landon and I are too tired at night to have a conversation…I don’t get to keep up with friends as much…we stay “in” a LOT…but this is just a season.  We love our kids so much that we are willing to make these sacrifices for them.  I keep telling myself it’s just a season. They will never be as little as they are today…and I’m really trying to soak these little years up.


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