back to “normal” & tongue-tied

We are finally starting to get back to “normal” here, and back into a routine.  Here’s what our day looks like when ALL the girls go to school…

5:00 – Feed Beckham, Shower, Eat Breakfast, Read, Check Email
7:30 – Feed Beckham
8:00 – Brooke wakes up, eats, gets ready
8:25 – Wake my teenagers twins up, give them an eggo waffle to go, load up the kids and drop Brooke off at school
8:45 – Arrive home, unload kids, get twins dressed for school
9:15 – Reload the car, drop the twins off at school
9:30-11:15 – This is my “free time” which consists of feeding Beckham, running errands, and going to the doctor.
11:20 – Pick Brooke up
11:30 – Unload kids, make and eat lunch with Brooke
12:30 – Nap for Brooke. lunch for Beckham
2:00 – Wake up the B’s, load up the car, pick up the twins
2:30 – Finally home, unload the car, feed four kids a snack, get dinner ready, etc, etc, etc…. 

I got tired just writing all that out.  My girls LOVE school though, and it’s totally worth all the unloading/loading to get everyone where they need to be. I don’t know if it’s lack of sleep, but I still have extreme memory loss and forgetfulness.  I can really accomplish only the necessary tasks for the day, usually not able to get to anything “extra” still unless it’s on the weekend when Landon is home.  Oh, and I lose everything.

ENT apt
waiting for the dr. with my sweet little man

I have always enjoyed breastfeeding my kids.  I mean, I tandem nursed a set of twins (exclusively no bottles) for one year.  This fourth kid will be a breeze, right?  I could write my own book on breastfeeding.  ha ha ha.  NO.  For eight weeks, we have struggled through almost every feeding whether nursing or on a bottle.  He would scream the entire time, and suck in a lot of air.  As a result, he would have some major gas and tummy issues.  Thinking he had colic or reflux, I cut dairy, chocolate and most caffeine out of my diet to help his tummy issues.  I would cry….he would cry…poor Landon (he would hear about it).  Feedings were takeing 30-45 minutes, and they weren’t pretty.  Last week, I took him to the Dr. for thrush.  While she was looking in his mouth, she noticed that his tongue was slightly tied.  This was probably the reason he hadn’t been latching on correctly.  We got some meds for the thrush, and I started watching him very closely during his feedings.  Nursing + Thrush + Frustrated Baby = Stressed out Mama. We went back to the Dr. yesterday, and got a referral to see an ENT about his tongue tie issue.  Thankfully the specialist got us in this morning!  Beckham had a moderate tongue tie issue, and he did the simple procedure to free his tongue.  I’m really praying this is going to fix his latch issue, and that our feeding times can be more pleasant…because I sure would love to hold his little hand and enjoy this special time with him!

such a happy boy (when he isn't eating)
such a happy boy (when he isn’t eating)

I can always count on my girls for a laugh.  The twins sit all the way in the back in the third row.  On our way to drop Brooke off at school today Lily was stuffing her face with a waffle.  A waffle that she had been saving in the backseat since Monday’s breakfast. “Mom it’s okay, it still tastes good, but can you get me some donuts?”  You just can’t help but laugh.  🙂

Eggo Waffle
Lily after I caught her eating the three day old waffle


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