Two Month Update // Beckham’s First ER Visit

2 months

SO much has happened in two months.  We are so thankful for our sweet Beckham – he is such a blessing from God.  I can always count on seeing his little smile each morning when he wakes up! He’s been through the ringer with his tummy issues and tongue-tied issue.  We literally went to the Doctor three days in a row last week.  Each day was a major production…it’s amazing all the details it takes to go to a 30 minutes appointment.  🙂  By Thursday afternoon, I was exhausted.  Little man was doing so much better eating after his tongue was clipped on Wednesday.  I think he was going through a growth spurt, because we took a step backwards at night, and I was up at 2 a.m. with him Saturday and Sunday morning.  Once I get up…I can’t go back to sleep.  My brain just doesn’t stop thinking about everything I can get done while everyone in the house is sleeping.  🙂 Sunday night, he was back to “normal” and I got some much needed rest!  Monday, he was having trouble eating before bed.  He had a strange cough and woke up several times after we put him to bed.  At 1:30, he woke up and had a fever.  Since I didn’t know the dose of Tylenol he was allowed to have, I decided to take him to the ER.  We were the only people there, and didn’t have to even sit in the waiting room!  They tested him for RSV, flu, and took an x-ray of his chest.  Thankfully RSV came back negative, but he did test positive for the flu.  We stayed a couple hours to make sure his fever was going down with the Tylenol.  It just broke my heart to see him was so sick, and not really be able to do anything for him!  He was such a trooper, and of course all the sweet nurses loved on him while we were there!

I don’t know if it was lack of sleep, but I started to go downhill around nap-time yesterday.  I was trying to hold sweet baby boy, while all the girls decided to strike against nap-time.  In the course of going back and forth between rooms, I dropped our brand new baby monitor on the hardwood floor….and the video screen broke.  This is when I preceded to cry for about an hour.  I opened the front door to go to the mailbox, and there was a bag full of supplies to help us get through this week from a very sweet friend who just went through two weeks of the flu with her family.  This is when I preceded to cry some more, because God has blessed us with some very amazing people in our life.  Then I sat down, and remembered that God is GOOD.  That everything he allows is for a reason.  As I sit and pray for other families who are going through some very hard physical trials with their little ones, I see everything in a new perspective.  We have four healthy, beautiful children.  It seems like January is our month to go through some hard times…last year we struggled with RSV, and the year before that we had a horrible outbreak of herpes.  I remember those days very vividly.  They were long, winter days.  I also remember how God took care of us and taught us a lot through these seasons. This is the reason I blog…last night I sat down and read my posts from those years.  I’m thankful for these hard times when God shows His faithfulness, His goodness and His strength in times where I feel very week and hopeless.

PicMonkey Collage
I’m so thankful for the gift of motherhood He has given me.  I never imagined I would have four children…I never imagined how hard being a mom would be…but I also never imagined how blessed I would be and how much I would learn through my little ones.


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