Time Flies…

PicMonkey Collage

Last year I took these photos of the girls with a pair of Beckham’s little shoes.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year, because it seems like yesterday that we were taking these photos.  It’s so fun to see how much the girls have changed over the year.  They are all becoming their own little ladies, each with their own and unique personality.



I will have THREE girls going to school on Thursday.  I’ve cried a few times, but I am truly excited for all the new things they will learn and the friends they will make.  I can’t wait for them to come home and tell me all about their day!


The twins will be in the same preschool class.  I’m so thankful they have each other.  They are so silly, make each other laugh, and fight like cats and dogs.  They have such a special relationship and an amazing bond as sisters.

Anywhere Beckham is, Brooke is.  She is such a sweet big sister and has been protective over him since day one.  He LOVES seeing her, and always gives her the brightest and biggest smile when he sees her in the morning.  She makes it a priority to kiss him when he wakes up, and before she goes to bed.  Love it.



Oh, then there’s this sweet buddy.  For 3 hours a day while the girls are in school, I will have an only child.  We will play, sleep, eat, run errands and have the best time together.  As much as I’m going to miss the girls, I’m excited to have this special time together with my sweet boy!



I’m one blessed mama.  





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