Mommy & Me


I LOVE these photos that Sara took of Beckham and I!  He is such a laid back little guy, but had an ear infection this day.  As always, she managed to get amazing photos of him looking as sweet as can be!PicMonkey Collage01

I’m so thankful God blessed us with a little boy so I can experience that special mother/son relationship.  Since he’s also the baby of the family, he get’s EXTRA spoiled!  Have I mentioned he’s still sleeping in our room in our closet?  Oh my.  That’s going to be a fun habit to break.   Not to mention I can’t get to most of my clothing….which I’m okay with if I can sleep through the night.

16 PicMonkey Collage2

I love these photos.  Time is flying by so quickly, I know it won’t be long before I’m looking at these photos….reminiscing over these sweet baby moments.  Thank you Sara for using your beautiful gift to create lasting memories for our family!


All images by Sara Eaton Photography


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