10 month update // little adventurer

IMG_4960This sweet little boy…bring so much joy to our family.  He has the sweetest, quietest and most gentle spirit.  I am still in amazement at what a sweet blessing God has given to our family.
10monthsBeckham is quite the little adventurer.  He often crawls under the dining room table to find any leftover crumbs from meal time.  Power cords, bugs, nails, stickers, beads…you name it…we have pulled it out of his mouth.
IMG_5132He is also quite the little ham.  He will go to pretty much anyone, and if he is shy or nervous, instead of crying, he will cuddle and put his head on their chest.  I’d say that would brighten anyone’s day!  🙂Beckham10months IMG_4918He climbs, cruises, crawls, rolls….and he is pretty quick.  He doesn’t walk yet – which I’m not in a hurry for.  I’m trying to prolong the baby stage as much as possible….AND i’m just trying to keep up with how quick he is without walking.
PicMonkey Collage

We are loving watching every stage with this sweet boy.  He adores his big sisters, and gives big slobbery kisses to everyone before bed.  We just can’t get enough of this sweet boy!




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