Summer Photography Challenge


This summer I challenged myself to pull my camera out more every day.  I enjoyed learning to take photos in different light, and in different situations.  I’ve had my camera for almost 3 years – and it has been worth every penny to me.  I get to stand behind the lens, and capture beautiful moments.  I thought I would share just a few of my favorites!IMG_6358IMG_8209IMG_9266I have had a lot of questions on the camera, lens, and editing software I use.  So here it is!

Camera | Canon T3 
Lens I can’t live without | 50mm 1.8
Editing Software | Lightroom 6

here is an example of my image after editing:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.35.41 PMI usually just do minor edits in LR – I usually adjust the white balance, sharpen or soften, change exposure.  It’s very user friendly and I love it!
IMG_7553photographypost2 summerphotography IMG_7683IMG_6571 photography post 3IMG_9179IMG_7089IMG_6862 IMG_7052 IMG_7435 IMG_7201For those wanting to learn their camera more, I always suggest sitting down with your camera and really learning manual mode.  I have used toys on the floor in the past, and just played with each and every setting.  I have enjoyed learning more about photography SO much, and taking photos of my kiddos is priceless to me!






Stitch Fix Review

stitch fix`I posted a photo of my stitch fix box last week on Facebook, and had a lot of questions on how it works…so of course I thought a blog post was in order!

I took a little break from stitch fix over the summer.  The last box I got, had absolutely NOTHING in it that I liked!  I decided to ask for specific items, and give it one more shot!  This box happened to be my best yet!
I asked for a striped blazer, boyfriend/distressed jeans, and loose fitting tops.  I LOVED what they sent me.  Everything fit perfectly (i don’t know how they do that!), and if I had the money I would have kept the entire box!  I ended up keeping the moto jacket…it is so comfortable, and I thought would be a great staple piece for fall/winter here in Oklahoma!

Here’s how it works….
You fill out a detailed survey on your size, sense of style, likes and dislikes.  You can choose your favorite color palettes, styles and patterns.  You can also choose the price ranges that you would like to see in each box!  You also choose the frequency of each box….they range from every 2-3 weeks, once a month, every other month, and once every three months.  I have gotten some great staple pieces from my previous boxes.  You pay $20 for the stylist fee….which goes towards any item(s) you purchase.  It is non-refundable, so if you do not keep an item, you do not get the $20 back.  They send a pre-paid shipping bag, and you have three days to put any unwanted items in it, and ship it back for free!

Tips to help make your box successful
I suggest creating a Pinterest board (mine is labeled “style”), and linking it to your Stitchfix account.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.09.36 AMWhen you have a scheduled fix, you have an option to leave your stylist a note.  Here is my note for September’s box!  I would be specific when leaving a note, and ask for certain items that you would like to see in your wardrobe!

It’s such a fun way to get some new staple items for your wardrobe.  I really don’t love shopping, but always am looking for quality pieces to add to my wardrobe.  If you decide to try it, I would love if you signed up through my link!