A Brief About Trace Lost Pensions In The UK

Pension tracing service can help to trace a pension you've forgotten about, even in the absence of contact information from the company that offers the pension.

Before you use the service, gather as much data as you can. This could include:

  • Name of the former employer or pension company (you will require this to begin).

  • Any other names it might have used previously.

  • The kind of company it operated.

  • If there was a change in the address.

  • If you were a member of the scheme.

Make contact with the pension tracing service to help you find the pensions you've forgotten about. It is important to note that the pension tracing service will only give you the contact number of the administrator of your pension. If you want to trace your lost U.K. pensions, then it is recommended to contact the Expat Wealth Adviser.

The process of tracing a lost pension typically involves contacting the old employer or contacting your government's pension tracing service can help.

You could also test the government-run pension tracing service (UK). The pension tracker is based on an online database of pension provider contact information that allows you to search by employer name to locate your pension.

More information is available on our comprehensive page on locating your pension. If you suspect that a relative who died has left pension funds and you are an executor for their estate, or their family members, then you can make use of the federal pension tracing service to find out.