All You Need To Know About Zero Radius Sink

Zero Radius kitchen sinks are one of the hottest elements in modern kitchen design, but no matter how often they appear and how distinctive they look, the term "Zero Radius" is unknown. 

A zero radius washbasin is a very rectangular sink. Most kitchen sinks are rectangular, but zero-radius sinks are rectangles with sharp 90-degree angles, perfectly straight edges, and perfectly flat bottoms instead of the more conventional smooth curves and beveled sides. 

Zero Radius Kitchen Sinks

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While the differences may seem small, straight, sharp, simple lines give the zero-radius sink a sharper and more complex look.

Many HomeThangs zero radius sinks are made of stainless steel and have a commercial feel that is ideal for modern and professional-style kitchens. Not only do stainless steel sinks match stainless steel appliances, but they also offer very large sinks, like restaurant sinks. 

Combined with a professional kitchen faucet, this sink can withstand very rough use and can handle a very large capacity for cooking or washing dishes.

The zero-radius sink, sometimes known as the 90-degree angle sink or R0 sink, has a unique style. For our customers looking for modern or commercial style, zero radius is often the first offer. 

They are available in a wider range of colors and are somewhat quieter than stainless steel sinks. They also look a little warmer than steel and make a great choice for kitchens that are more modern than avant-garde.