Alleviate Chronic Back Pain Through Physical Therapy In Lutherville

In general, most of the cause for back disorders is usually extreme damage to the muscles and tissues that surround the spine. The intervertebral discs, which are exceptionally strong tissues despite their strength, may sometimes fail to accomplish this task if the back is exposed to severe trauma or due to gradual wear and tear on the back tissue and muscles.

Additionally, the tendons that attach these back muscles play an integral role in maintaining perfect back and spine stability. However, sometimes the fibers connecting these tendons, for one reason or another, become entangled and generally dislodged, resulting in chronic back ailments.

How does physical therapy work?

The primary goal of physiotherapy in Lutherville is usually to relieve the intense discomfort that most chronic back pain patients experience and ultimately restore their mobility. 

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There are two physical therapy approaches to pain relief that usually precede each other; these are passive and active physiotherapy. The first includes procedures such as the application of electrical stimuli, heat or even the application of ice. 

In Lutherville, this type of physical therapy is formulated to strengthen the patient before beginning the more vigorous active physical rehabilitation.

A competent physical therapist in Lutherville, after the initial evaluation of the patient, will formulate and establish a foolproof exercise program, which should significantly minimize back pain. 

This can include aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening, or stretching. An important part of these sessions is dedicated to stretching exercises, the objective of which is to improve the lumbar stabilization of the back. 

These regimens have excellent results in relieving chronic back pain. Other low-impact aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming, or easy walking can also significantly relieve chronic back pain.