An Overview of Singapore Company Formation

Singapore company formation is one the most tax-efficient ways to do international business. You can start or expand your business in Singapore if you are a foreign national.

Company Formation in Singapore Without Relocation

A relocation visa is not required if you are attempting to establish a business in Singapore. You will need to nominate at most one director to oversee your Singapore operations. Nominee directors are eligible to be appointed by:

* Singapore Citizen

* A Permanent Singapore Resident or

* Valid Singapore work permit holder

Many firms that offer Singapore company formation services are able to provide the services and nomination of local directors as required by clients. The following are other requirements to incorporate a Singapore business:

* Qualified company secretary

* A local registered office

* Minimum share capital $1

As a foreigner, you can own 100% of the Singapore company. All post-tax profits of the company can freely repatriate to you anywhere in the world. Singapore has no exchange control restrictions. Singapore dollar is one of the most stable currencies in the world.