Arthouse Bedroom Accessories For Boys and Girls

When it comes to kids' bedroom accessories, Arthouse can be the perfect choice for both boys and girls. Their stylish range of wallpaper and wall murals makes decorating their bedroom a fun experience. From cute Christmas decorations to festive wall papers, Arthouse has something to suit every taste. Their range of wall coverings includes the 10m Arthouse Boys Life Multi Kids Girls Feature Wall Wallpaper seen at

Arthouse Boys Life Multi Kids Girls Feature Wall Bedroom Wallpaper

Arthouse Girls Life Multi Glitter Wallpaper is a fun wallpaper that will add a splash of girlie fun to your child's bedroom. Featuring shelf prints and girly knick-knacks in a colour scheme that is true to life, this wallpaper is perfect for feature walls or mixed in with the other designs in the Imagine Fun 2 Wallpaper Collection.

Arthouse Christmas Wreath

Using an Arthouse Christmas wreath is a great way to decorate kids bedroom accessories and can also make a great classroom craft. These wreaths are easy to make and require no mess. You can create them with buttons, string, or even old magazines. Simply cut, fold, staple, or make loops in the old magazines to make a wreath form. Then, glue the magazines onto the cardboard wreath form. You can use a variety of colors and choose a candy cane style or use a white wreath with silver and blue decor.

Another idea is to make a DIY gingerbread wreath. This wreath is cheap to make and can be made by the whole family. You can also use pipe cleaners to make the wreath. Once you've done that, you can decorate it with holiday colors and tinsel. If you want a more traditional wreath, you can use a foam wreath form.

You can also make a candy wreath for less than $10 by using mini candy bars that you can find at a garage sale. You can also use a cardboard wreath form and a hot glue gun. This is a great gift idea for a child and is very simple to make. If you're feeling particularly crafty, you can also give a child a colorful spool of thread to make a sewing theme wreath.

Arthouse Christmas Wreath 10m 696000

Kids will love decorating with this colourful cardboard wreath. Hang it with ribbon or use it as a table centre with a candle. You can even add some tinsel to it. Children will have great fun making their own Christmas wreaths. It's a great way to create festive memories.

The natural loose parts are the perfect medium for open-ended creativity. They are ideal for practising fine motor skills as they experiment with shape, size, texture, and colour. It also makes a beautiful gift. To make it, all you have to do is pre-cut a cardboard circle with a hole in the centre, and then punch a hole at the outside edge of the circle.

Arthouse Boys Life Multi Kids Girls Feature Wall Bedroom Wallpaper 10m 696000

If you want your kids to have fun, you can add wallpaper with a theme they can relate to. For example, a boy may prefer to decorate his room with a superhero theme, while a girl can use a delicate wallpaper featuring flowers and animals.

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