Business Wi-Fi Solutions: The Answer To Ongoing Wi-Fi Issues In Singapore

In today’s workplace, a solid wireless infrastructure is almost a requirement for any business. With increasingly more mobile devices, applications, and employees, having a good wireless network to deliver services is extremely important to maintain functionality, minimize frustration, and provide your company with a competitive edge over your competition.

Business Wi-Fi solutions can provide your company with the access necessary to streamline operations and increase productivity. If you are looking for the best Wi-Fi services, then you can also visit this site.

The Struggle with Ongoing Wi-Fi Issues

Quite often, corporate Wi-Fi issues are a headache for internal IT. This is especially true in larger organizations with multiple buildings or in manufacturers with welding machines that put up interference. Organizations in many industries suffer from weak or inconsistent Wi-Fi; distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, and education to name a few. 

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Centralized Management is a Must

When wireless networks came out over 20 years ago, the devices (called wireless access points) were standalone devices – each one was configured independently.

This is still used in many consumer grade access points or smaller deployments, which works fine for single device situations. However, any business with more than one access point should be using modern enterprise Wi-Fi solutions with centralized management.

Wireless Heat Map Assessment

During a heat map assessment, you can click your mouse to load a floor plan into the software, and it will show you any obstacles that might be deterring your wireless signal along with how far the signal travels.