Choose Electrical Pumps Parts For Maintenance

When the air conditioner works in hot summer weather, moisture is extracted from the air in the form of liquid condensate. Most cooling systems today dry the air spectacularly, removing more than 20 liters of water per hour from the air. 

In most systems, if this water is in the attic or basement, it will drain by gravity or into an external sewer or nearby sink or drain. Many systems have condensate drains that are below the level of the nearest drain or so far away that gravity draining is impractical. 

Here we use a small device called a condensate drain pump. This device is usually about the size of a shoebox and consists of a water tank, a float, and a small pump. You can choose komatsu parts or aftermarket komatsu parts for your electrical pumps.

As condensate flows into the pump reservoir, the float will rise until the pump starts. The pump then usually directs the water through a small plastic pipe to the sink, drain, or even outside the house. This pump should be inspected annually. 

Proper testing involves pouring a large amount of water into the pump and making sure the switch activates the pump and the pump dispenses properly through the pipes. At this time, the pipe should also be inspected for blockages, kinks, or breaks. 

If the condensate pump fails, gravity will send 20 liters of water per hour directly to the ground or, in the case of an upper air conditioner, up through the attic until it exits your attic. Today, these pumps can often be equipped with a safety switch that shuts down your system if the tank is full and the pump is not running.