Choose The Komatsu Machines For Mining

A very interesting fact is that Komatsu is the largest drill manufacturer in the world. The Komatsu manufactured machines have been used to build some of the largest tunnels in the world. 

These machines weigh about 4364 tons and are equipped with a center cutting wheel with a diameter of 7 meters. It is a better and safer alternative to underground blasting as only a few operators are required to supervise and control the entire excavation process by using best komatsu engine rebuild kits.

It is also described as a very durable truck made of low alloy steel parts and a welded frame structure. This large truck is designed with eight wheels for greater maneuverability and flexibility when moving around the job site. Dump trucks weighing 450 tons are currently used in coal mines.

Weighing around 150 tons, the Komatsu super bulldozer can move about 75 cubic meters of soil in one go. Equipped with larger blades, the D-575A-3 can move up to 100 cubic meters of soil. This Excavator was designed and launched in 1995 and since then has been used on the most demanding and challenging mining projects around the world. 

This machine monster has been in extensive use for more than two decades and has displaced approximately 470 million cubic meters of soil. However, due to high operating costs, Big Muskie ceased operations in 1991. In 1999 the machine was completely dismantled and spare parts were used to make other heavy machines.