Custom aluminium drive shafts: all you need to know

The driveshaft transfers power from the transmission to its differential. The differential then transfers power to the Mustang's rear wheels. The driveshaft is a simple shaft. It is easy to overlook and does not require any special knowledge.

Your car will not be able to turn energy into motion without a custom aluminum driveshaft. This is a cost-effective upgrade that will improve your car's performance. It may be necessary. It may be necessary to replace your steel stock driveshaft with aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft. Different drivers require different driveshaft materials.

custom aluminum driveshaft

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An aluminum driveshaft can replace a steel driveshaft. This will reduce your car's weight, and allow you to run your engine more efficiently. These custom aluminum shafts can be lighter depending on which Mustang model you have. They can also drop between ten and twenty pounds if you switch from steel to aluminum.

Driveshaft drops are particularly effective as they don't require you to lose static weight, but rather rotate weight. This is equivalent to losing significantly less weight.

Aluminum is less durable than steel. It can easily break and create sharp edges that could inflict injury on your car or on yourself. Aluminum can sound louder than stainless. Aluminum does not absorb vibrations as well as steel. Aluminum is not as useful for casual drivers. Aluminum is weak and does not perform well at high speeds.

Aluminum is lightweight, making it an attractive choice for those who live in colder areas. Aluminum can easily corrode, so be sure to inspect your aluminum driveshaft frequently.