How to Rent Apartments With the Best Deals in Luxembourg

If you have invested in buying real estate in Luxembourg, you have truly made yourself a lucrative source of income. Luxembourg's current urban population consists of working professionals who move to the city to earn a living. You need a comfortable shelter in the city, but for a temporary residence.

In such circumstances, renting out your own property will be of great benefit to you as your tenants are likely to be part of higher society. You can consider the best short term penthouse if you want to rent a house with your family.

Although it is quite profitable, renting an apartment can be very inconvenient if you do not follow certain necessary steps. Let me give you some tips on how to properly rent an apartment.

  • Advertise your apartment for rent. Apart from advertising in newspapers, you can use the Internet as an effective advertising tool. For free advertising, you can even print out flyers and post them on message boards at your local grocery store.
  • Feel free to show off your property to potential tenants. This will help the tenant make a quick decision whether to take the apartment or not and, ultimately, benefit you as well.
  • If you manage to impress a potential tenant separately, have them fill out a form that will store all the information about your tenant. The form must include a location for the tenant's name, address, telephone number, social security, employment history, previous address, rental history, recommendation, and signature.
  • Also, insist on filling out the consent form to verify the loan. Your tenant will provide you with the contents of a written document so that you are entitled to check your creditworthiness.
  • Take a security deposit from your tenant before renting out your apartment. The deposit is usually a sum of money to be paid monthly as rent.