Periodontal Disease – Signs & Treatments

Every day increasing numbers of people suffer from periodontal disease without knowing it! The condition, also known as gum disease is a condition associated with a variety of oral health issues as well as other ailments, such as body cancers. 

Regularly cleaning your teeth will keep your mouth free of the deadly bacteria and fungi that are the cause of gum disease. An understanding of gum disease can assist patients to decrease health risks and ensure balanced health. You can also hire professionals for periodontal treatments for the best result.

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Patients are also more likely to overlook other signs of periodontal diseases because they don't cause discomfort. The signs are gums that are red or swelling and bleeding. For some patients, the swelling could be so minor that it's not visible. It is also essential to be aware of other signs that are not painful, such as receding gums or even changes in jaw alignment.

A dental professional will give you tips on how to improve your dental hygiene practices to prevent gum disease.

The dentist might suggest adding the use of a mouthwash to get rid of and/or stop the spread of bacteria that are not needed in the mouth. Also, during your appointment, the dentist might suggest you undergo an appointment for a dental cleaning to eliminate calculus and plaque that are the most common factors that cause periodontal disease. In severe cases, it is possible to prescribe antibiotics to stop the spread of bacterial infections.