Selecting a Golf Bag

Getting a great golf bag has probably more to do with image and confidence than it does your golf game. But if you need to select a golf bag there is something to keep in mind. First, consider whether or not you will be using a caddie or not. 

Also, consider whether or not you are a walker or a rider since some bags are really only meant to be put behind a golf cart.

Golf bags come in different categories. Some of the categories are cart, which we discussed above, and travel and staff bags. You will find them named differently depending on who you talk to but the uses are the same. You can buy a prodigy bp1 v3 bag by clicking on Disc Golf Bags Tagged “Brand: Prodigy”

Prodigy BP-1 v3 - bag review #16 - YouTube

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Golfers that prefer to walk and don't care to have a caddie will typically go with a travel type. This type is excellent for those golfers who prefer to walk on the golf course for nine or eighteen holes. Plus these types of golf bags are easy for traveling and fit nicely into most golf travel cases. 

Another plus to these types of bags is that they are much cheaper than the staff bags. Because these bags are smaller, you won't get as much room as a full-sized staff bag.