Tankless Water Heater Is A Good Investment

If you have a reason to think about water heaters you have probably heard a lot about tankless water heaters. In the last couple of years the tankless water heater manufacturers have really stepped up their promotional campaigns and spent some big bucks building consumer awareness and interest in their products. Tankless water heaters have been portrayed as providing huge energy savings and endless hot water.

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Tankless heaters are only operational whenever hot water is needed, unlike container water heaters that are constantly heating the water to the right temperature even if you are not in the house. It is said that tankless heaters can save you up to 40% on your electricity bill.

When a container water heater runs out of water you have to wait a long time for the tank to fill up with hot water again. But since a tankless heater heats up the water that passes through it you no longer have to wait long for hot water to flow from your tap or shower, you only need to wait for several seconds.

Since tankless heaters are rather small, you can install it just about anywhere you want. Unlike container water heaters that need a rather large space so the enormous tank and the other components will fit, a problem if you live in a rather small house or in an apartment.