The Future of Water Lithium-Ion Batteries

There are many new inventions. There is talk now of a battery made from water and blue dye. This is said to be extremely cost-effective and long-lasting. This invention is thought to be a significant breakthrough in energy storage technology. 

For decades, research has been underway to find and develop alternative methods of making batteries. Iron air batteries were first explored almost forty years ago. Now, the final touches have been put on a patent that only covers a rechargeable high-energy density iron air battery.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Vs. Lithium-Ion: Differences and Advantages

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The primary building block for batteries is electrolyte. A Stanford PhD student decided four years ago to explore the possibility of using water as an electrolyte in batteries. Today, Colin Wessels, the founder CEO of Alveo Energy is dedicated to the development and commercialization of a water-based battery.

Others have also been founded and are working on developing and marketing batteries that use less expensive materials like zinc, air, and water. Although these ideas are not new, the main challenge was making them rechargeable. Experts aren't giving up. They are still searching for the perfect combination to create a more affordable, but equally effective battery.

Scientists believe water is a valuable resource that could be used to produce environmentally-friendly and more affordable lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion-batteries can be found in mobile phones, tablets, and electric and hybrid cars. Electric vehicles are not as popular as they should because of their high price.