Useful Comparison Of IOS Automation Frameworks Family


IOS is a great platform that offers good functionality and, with a minor drawback, consists of agile development ideas. Agile focuses on iOS automation frameworks and needs a number of frameworks if iOS can't get out of the many potential payoffs.

However, there are some impressive iOS automation tools available for your use and satisfaction that acknowledge your ability to choose the most appropriate one.

Apple iOS apps can be automated with accompanying iOS automation tests and must be coordinated with XCODE to cover customer acceptance tests based on customer requirements.

Below are two of the most popular iOS automation frameworks with broad group support:


Calabash is an open-source acceptance testing framework for automating iOS. Calabash provides libraries for isolating iOS automation. It is a cross-level and supportive cucumber framework that allows you to express application behavior in plain English and perform behavior development.

Calabash provides a platform that allows cucumber tests to be run and approved on iOS. The cucumber test is designed as an exhaustive statement that makes up the number of test scenarios. Each message in the pickle is marked with the use of the Ruby language.

keep working

Keep It Functional provides Swift and Objective C coding languages for compiling test scripts. KIF is used to automate iOS mobile applications using the Objective C or Swift programming languages. It uses private APIs to work with mobile components available in mobile apps.

All customer activities related to mobile applications can be automated with KIF, including customer information such as Content entries and other touch events. We can't specifically provide Apple with tested mobile apps where the KIF private API, which is not documented, must run.