What Exactly Is Non-Volatile Memory Express?

Non-volatile Memory Express (NVM Express, or NVMe), is a highly scalable host controller interface that includes a command set and streamlined register interface.

NVMe was designed for SSD.  This card is for systems, data centers and businesses that use storage based on nonvolatile memory. NVM Express devices are available in standard-sized PCI Express expansion cards and 2.5 inch form factors. Today in the market you can buy 1tb or 2tb nvme ssd from sites like https://homekitaustralia.com.au/collections/ssd-drives/products/2tb-nvme-ssd-solid-state-drive.

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NVM is a tool that can be used by industries and data centers to meet the high performance requirements of non-volatile memory storage.

NVM’s goal is to improve the interoperability and performance of a variety of client and enterprise systems. NVM Express is similar to solid-state devices and makes use of parallelism. It can be fully utilised by both the host application as well as hardware.

This reduces input/output overhead, and provides performance improvements over other logical device interfaces, such as reduced latency, longer and more frequent command queues.

It’s most distinctive feature is its inability to read registers in order for it to issue commands. It also features a simplified storage stack. These factors are combined to help NVM Express achieve low latency.

NVM is a single standard software interface for PCIe solid state devices. This eliminates any confusion about compatibility. NVM Express is optimized for memory-based storage.