What Is Automated Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing tests your company's websites for security weaknesses. A successful pen test doesn't just find vulnerabilities but also identifies various strategies to attack them. It also anticipates the effects on the systems.

It's a difficult and lengthy procedure. However, it is vitally crucial. Testing for penetration has mostly been performed by hand, but occasionally, it is possible to use automated software. This is because the main goal of automatic testing for penetration (also known as “pruebas de intrusin” in the Spanish language) can think like hackers and penetrate deep into the system with minimal effort, i.e., by evading the major security protocols.

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But, manual pen-testing is an intricate process that could require days of planning and execution. Automated penetration testing in contrast allows you to maintain a track of vulnerabilities by continuously scanning for vulnerabilities while you wait until the next time you can conduct a pen test that you manually conduct.

What is automated penetration testing?

Automated penetration testing (also known as vulnerability scanning) is the process of assessing security risks within systems with the help of security instruments.

Permitting penetration tests and conducting security audits that are automated is faster since it uses algorithms and machine learning to identify security weaknesses. Automated penetration tests to produce results within a couple of seconds to just a few minutes.

The most effective strategy is to conduct regular Automated Pen testing of penetration, in conjunction with periodic manual testing for the highest level of security.