What Is GMC Multipro Tailgate System?

Let yourself be surprised. The 2020 GMC Sierra takes durability and strength to the next level with the Multipro tailgate. This professional feature is designed to help owners use their tailgates for a variety of tasks. You can also know more about the new 6-Way multiPro tailgate through various online sources.

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Here is what multipro tailgate has to offer you:

Adaptive function

The GMC Multipro tailgate can function like any other tailgate. It's easy to operate the Main Gate manually or remotely with just one key ring. 

Once opened, you can simply access the gate's main loading stop, which aids hold long items in place. You can also remove the inner door for the second level of loading with just one loading stop.

Fast and smooth access

The GMC Multipro tailgate in Sierra 2020 gives drivers quick and easy access to the tailgate. To get closer to the truck bed, fold the inner gate down without reaching it. 

With the main and inner doors closed, unlocking the inner panel turns it into a 48-inch wide staircase that can hold up to 375 pounds.

Live, play and work like a pro

Your Sierra 2020 loading area is universal with the Multipro tailgate. You can lose the weight limiter on the bed and your inner gate becomes your workplace.

Your GMC Sierra also has a 400-watt socket on the back of the truck. Add this to the durability you expect and you have the perfect 2020 GMC Sierra hatchback.