What Is Strata Pest Control, And How Does It Work?

Strata pest control is a term for a broad range of techniques used by property managers and homeowners to prevent or limit the spread of pests in buildings. This article is about what the strata pest prevention method is, how it works, and some common applications.

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What are strata or concrete pest control?

Strata pest control is a term used to describe the use of treatments specifically designed for pests living in or on a stratum, or layer of a building. 

This type of pest control is typically employed when traditional pest control techniques have failed to achieve desired results. Strata pest control often relies on the use of specially formulated pesticides and other treatments to target specific pests. 

How do a strata pest control work?

A strata pest control works by baiting the pests with special food and then using a device to release the bait over an area. The device can be a pole, a cage, or a net. The bait attracts the pests, and the device releases the bait over the area. This attracts the pests and they get stuck in the trap. The trap can then be disposed of.

Strata pest control is an effective way to manage pests in your strata. Here are some factors you should consider before using strata pest control: 

-The type of pests you’re dealing with. Strata pests can include Woodlice, Ants, Cockroaches, and Mites. 

-The severity of the infestation. If the pests are a minor annoyance, a strata pest control solution may not be necessary. However, if the infestation is severe or poses a health risk, then a professional treatment may be the best option. 

-The location of the infestation. Certain pests are more common in specific areas, so it’s important to identify where they’re most active.