What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing a Book

Writers born in the age of the Internet are indeed a lucky bunch. If they can't get their work published by a publishing company, they have the option of online book publishing. Instead of waiting for their work to be accepted by publishers, they can take their fate into their hands and do the publishing themselves.

Now, there are some important things to consider prior to self-publishing your own work, be it a print book or an e-book. Take heed of the following facts before you work on self-publishing your work.

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The actual publishing is a stroll on the beach.

This is about printing, and then putting pages together to create the book. Self-publishing is having complete control over the production of your book. Therefore, you are in control of everything, from the type of paper to the design of your cover. Simply convert your manuscript from a Word file to PDF, and send that file to the printer you choose.

You are able to alter the cover even after the initial batch of books has been printed. Simply submit a new cover and it will be released in bookstores (actual or on the internet) within two weeks or longer. If you're using a self-publishing system and you are a member of the latter, you might get a free change in the cover.

Go digital on your first run.

If you are a newbie author, you may want to test the waters first by producing an eBook first. This is perfect for writers who have an all-text manuscript, with no illustrations or graphics. eBooks are very easy to produce and costs less than print, so they will be easier to sell. You can try producing and selling both digital and print copies on your first run, but if you want to get your feet wet first, try the eBook format first.