Which Type Of Pinball Enthusiast Are You?

We can all enjoy and appreciate pinball machines in different ways. You can be a pinball player, a hobbyist, a collector, or an enthusiast by association. You could even be a combination of any of these. Below are some of the different types of pinball enthusiasts that one can relate to.

Single player

You enjoy pinball for the sake of doing it and  know some local places where you can deposit quarters into these wonderful coin-operated machines. Most people have an arcade at home, and prefer to play pinball alone. Aside from pinball, there are other old games like the arcade classic ICE Ball game which is also enjoyed by a lot of people at their homes.

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Something you can put in your game room and be up and running in minutes. You don't want to do anything more than clean up the playing field, replace the rubbers, and get yourself a shiny new ball. 


Sometimes you can play pinball  in your spare time just to practice or grow your gaming skills. Amateur is the one who knows, or is willing to learn, the basic ins and outs of a machine. You already know where to find the flipper coils, the CPU board, the buzzers…etc. 

If you're not sure how to fix something, you’ll look for the answer online and ask your pinball friends in newsgroups/forums for help. If all else fails, know a trusted repairman to call.


A collector is someone who takes pinball machines seriously. They search for specific games to add to your collection. Whether it's wooden rails, bingos, wedge heads or more modern DMD and solid state machines. 

They may collect certain pinball machines because it reminds them of their childhood. Your collection can range from a few pinball machines to a dozen or hundreds. You can also be a "pinball fan"