Why Choose a Boutique Hotel in Queenstown

A boutique hotel means many different things to different people, and as such it can be difficult to define and describe a boutique hotel. There also seem to be different definitions of this category of accommodation.

Boutique Hotel – This is accommodation that is unique from others, and even from room to room. This type of accommodation is considered upscale, fashionable, intimate, and gives a personal service that creates a memorable impression on the guest.

Luxury Boutique Hotel – This type of accommodation creates the aura of luxury and style to form a unique lifestyle experience for the guest. The "luxury" part of this accommodation can include a health and wellness center to focus on relaxation as much as the unique style of the hotel in a luxurious atmosphere. The furniture, décor, and interior design are often plush, fashionable, and very expensive.

Trendy and Modern Hotels – These kinds of accommodations can also be classified as boutique since they offer exclusive dining options, exquisite design and a atmosphere for the sophisticated guest. Imagine a fashionable nightclub that has been transformed into a chic hotel.

Design Hotel – The main the main focus of this type of hotel is typically the distinctive design and architecture which leaves an impression on guests. In most cases, the hotel will employ an artist to create a unique and unique design to the hotel, and to incorporate features and fashions like paintings furniture, lamps, and the design of the space.