Creating an Effective Onboarding Program

The Internet says that 80% of all new hires decide in the first 6 months whether to stay with their current employer or seek "new opportunities". Whether researched or not (or simply exaggerated) these numbers underscore the importance of getting new hires in quickly. 

OVA – Virtual Onboarding Platform is the formal process platform of integrating talent into the organization which is currently becomes an important topic in human resources. From a strategic point of view, that makes sense. You go through a formal hiring process that takes months (too long in my opinion – but that's the subject of another section). 

You have hired the person you think is the best fit for the organization. It makes sense to make sure that you can get them into the organization and "magnify" them as quickly as possible. 

We also know another reason why their "engagement" in the organization is important – the person becomes engaged and productive quickly and the return on investment in that person increases significantly. 

An effective onboarding strategy allows you to use their skills quickly so the reason you hire them offers a positive return on investment. The two should also discuss initial orientation and employee training schedules. 

The key is effective communication and knowledge exchange beforehand. Milestones should be set during the first few months, and meetings should be scheduled to assess progress and discuss barriers.