Order Your Own Guitar Wall Mounts

You need a stylish but functional place to hang your guitar so you don't hurt yourself. You've probably walked into a guitar store and had fun with the idea of getting guitar wall mounts, but decided to give up when you saw the price was for just one unit.

You might think it would be easier to make your own guitar wall mount. In fact, it is, and you can do it for less than what you would pay at an instrument store. You may purchase guitar hanger MX online at an affordable price. Or you may also DIY your wall hanger.

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You need a few things before starting the project. You'll need a rubber tool hanger, a 1-inch piece of wood, an electric drill, and a wall finder. You can also pick up a small paint container to add color to the guitar wall mount. Once you've gathered all the materials, it's time to start making your guitar hanger.

Once you've cut the tree to the correct length and painted it the color you want, the next step is to mark where you want to place your tool hanger. After marking these points, you'll want to find a drill that's smaller than the thread on the tool hanger. Once you've attached the instrument hanger, you can decide where to place the guitar mount on your wall.