Top 3 Income Tax Preparation Errors

The income tax preparation can be done by having it compiled and filed, or by hiring the services of professionals. However, the latter will cost us to pay for their services. The chances of errors and complications are much higher for those who prefer to save money and use the tax funds to pay the taxes. 

For more information, you can visit the website of the local tax office or consult the local tax department.

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These are the top three errors in income tax preparation that occur during tax filing.

1) Mathematical mistakes: The tax agencies will always inspect your income tax preparations to ensure that all numbers and figures are correct and balanced out. Even a single dollar can raise suspicions of more serious computational errors. 

To reduce the chance of errors, it would be smart to use a calculator or computer to recompute the figures three to five times.

2) Incorrect tax-equivalent based on an individual's tax classification and gross taxable earnings. Taxes are calculated based on an individual's taxable income. A wrongly assessed gross salary could result in an incorrect tax declaration or payment. Individual income tax preparation is different for married and single taxpayers. 

3) Incorrect entry field: There is a high chance of human error or lapses when filling up the seemingly endless fields and boxes in income tax preparations. This could lead to incorrect field entries and ultimately a call from the taxation office. 

As you would when computing the correct figures, ensure that the correct values and fields are filled out.

These tips will hopefully help you avoid having to explain with local authorities. You can also avoid being audited for fraud, tax evasion or just being careless.