Tree Surgeon Another Emergency Service During Winter Storm

The danger to life from falling trees and falling tree branches is increasing. Yet many of us are ill-prepared. While most people can readily access contact details for police, ambulance, fire service and coastguard emergency services, if you are a tree owner another contact which should be added to your list is for a professional tree surgeon. You can also browse for more information about most reliable tree removal service in Marietta.

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There is a legal obligation, as well as a moral responsibility, for all tree owners to be held liable for the condition of their trees and for any damage they may do in Marietta. Check your trees for decay at the trunk and look for dead branches and don’t forget that the location of the tree is important too; slope, soil condition, moisture can all be factors which may undermine the stability of a tree at its roots.

It is recommended that trees inspections should be done quarterly, but at the very minimum, an inspection at the end of autumn is a ‘must’. Call in a professional tree surgeon if you are unsure; many will provide a free inspection service in Marietta.

Taking such precautions should satisfy insurance companies who may fail to pay out in the event of a claim for tree damage if they deem the tree(s) have not been properly maintained in Marietta.