Uses of Commercial Floor Strippers.

Flooring that is finished and waxed can greatly improve the appearance and feel of rooms. A proper stripping process ensures that floors will not fade in shine and shine. Commercial strippers are utilized in schools, offices hotels, hospitals and offices, public areas as well as other commercial establishments with a lot of traffic.

Commercial Floor Strippers for All Floor Types

There are a variety of kinds of commercial strippers on the marketplace currently. Some products are specially formulated that are suitable for all types of flooring like Raised Floor, Access Floor, Raised Floor, Prefabricated Raised Floor. Franklin Cleaning Technology’s floor stripper is a good low-cost stripper with no-rinse that can penetrate and suspend the normal buildup of floor finishes to ensure that it is rinse-free. It’s perfect for use on both resilient and non-resilient floors like asphalt, mineral surfaces vinyl composition, terrazzo, and brick. It also works on rubber, as well as quarry tiles.

Another model available from Franklin is the budget-friendly and multi-purpose Speedsope model. This model does not use harmful solvents or chemicals that could damage floors.

Flooring strippers are also available in non-toxic, low-odor models that are environmentally friendly. Green Option Green Option stripper has good properties for penetration and emulsifies layers of floor finish for efficient removal with an auto scrubber or rotary machine. The solvent-free formula eliminates the unpleasant smells from traditional formulas for stripping.

Effective Formules for attractive floors

Floor strippers such as Aspire Baseboard Strippers come with an ingredient that can get rid of unsightly soil and wax off the flooring. These durable strippers will make floors ready for the application of a fresh coating of wax. These products for flooring maintenance are ideal for use on baseboards kick plates and various other surfaces that are vertical. Baseboard strip cleaners also fall into this category. Specific aerosol strippers are being developed to use on areas that are difficult to reach of the floor.