Where Do I Get a Taxi at O’Hare?

Are you a frequent flyer who doesn't know where to go or what to do once you land in a new city? It can be confusing and, at times, frightening. It can be comforting to know exactly what to do to get a taxi ride in the city you're visiting. Finding a taxi when you fly into O'Hare airport can be a straightforward task.

One thing you must remember when you are planning to take a taxi from O’Hare airport. The taxi pick-up areas at O'Hare airport have a no-standing policy. Taxis cannot simply wait in line for long periods to pick up a random car. To get a taxi to O'Hare you will need to call the dispatcher and ask for a driver.

taxi to ohare

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This is best done right after landing so you can be sure that the car will be there when you are ready to go. Once you are aware that you have a car waiting for you, it won't be difficult to find it. It is important to follow the signs at major metropolitan airports.

You will find it marked in each terminal of the airport you are going to locate your taxi. If you still have problems, it will get easier. You can simply walk to the front of each terminal's arrivals area and you will find the area where taxis pick up arrivals.

You will find the pickup zone at the front of each terminal in the arrivals area. If you are still having trouble finding the right place to pick up your car from O'Hare, don't hesitate to ask for some help.